Some of the more common questions we are asked. (Click headings to expand.)

  • ⇓ Q: Do I only need to see a dentist if my teeth hurt?

    A: Many dental or oral problems can arise without you feeling any pain. Regular dental visits will give us the opportunity to perform a comprehensive dental examination to look from any dental problems before they cause pain.

  • ⇑ Q: How often should I have a dental cleaning and check-up?

    A: We generally recommend that teeth should be examined and cleaned every 6 months. In some cases, we recommend more frequent hygiene visits to help to prevent and stabilize periodontal disease.

  • ⇓ Q: When should children start seeing the dentist?

    A: We recommend that children have their first dental examination within 6 months of the eruption of their first tooth or by age one. This will help your child get accustomed to the dental appointment experience, give us the opportunity to assess for any early dental problems, as well as, provide dental education to optimize your child’s dental health.

  • ⇓ Q: Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

    A: At this time we examine diagnostic radiographs to assess for decay, periodontal disease and other oral lesions. We will perform an oral cancer screening, evaluate the gums and bone around the teeth for periodontal disease, examine the dentition for teeth decay and assess existing restorations.

  • ⇓ Q: What do I do if I have bad breath?

    A: Bad breath can have many causes; including, poor oral hygiene, tobacco products, diet, gum disease, dental infections, medications and other health problems. It is important to document your diet and medications, then come in for an exam to help get to bottom of the cause of your bad breath.

  • ⇓ Q: What can I do about spaces between my teeth?

    A: There are many options to get rid of spaces between teeth. Orthodontics, bonding, veneer and crowns are options to reduce space between teeth.

  • ⇓ Q: I am pregnant, should I still see the dentist?

    A : Yes, it is important to continue to get your teeth examined and cleaned during pregnancy. Hormonal and diet changes during pregnancy can cause gum inflammation. As well, if there are any problems, such as decay or infection, it is important that it is diagnosed so we can treat these problems in a manner which will be safest for you and your baby.

  • ⇓ Q: I have a dental emergency! What should I do?

    A : In case of a dental emergency call our office. If the call is after hours, you will be directed to an emergency phone line to speak to a dentist. In case of severe trauma or infection, go directly to the emergency room and Vancouver General Hospital.

  • ⇓ Q: Does your office bill me insurance for or do I have to pay everything up front.

    A : As a courtesy for our patients, we are an assignment office. This means we accept assignment of benefits whereby patients can request the insurance company to pay the dental office directly for the percentage of the cost covered. The patient is responsible for paying the co-payment when treatment is provided. The patient is also responsible for any costs not covered by the insurance plan.

If you can any other questions, give us a call and book an appointment!