iStock_000015969565XSmall-300x199What to Expect on your First Visit
Your first visit entails a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and the bone levels surrounding your teeth. We will provide an individualized assessment of the state of your oral health. To make your first visit as efficient as possible the following preparation will help with your new patient experience:

• A detailed list of current prescriptions (including name, dosage, and frequency)

• A knowledge of your medical history (including dates of previous surgeries and major illness)

• Contact information for your current medical providers

• Be prepared to tell us about any dental problems you may be experiencing

• Detailed insurance information

• Before your first visit, print this form (link) and fill it out prior to your first visit

If you would like to transfer records from your previous dentist, please let us know at least two weeks in advance such that we can make arrangements to have the records sent in time for your first visit.