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Digital X-Rays

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Cutting Edge Technology

With the digital x-ray technology at Cambie Village Dental, our Vancouver dentists can store images for easy access and viewing during your appointment to better address your oral health needs.

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What are digital x-rays?

Digital x-rays provide a highly accurate, enlarged picture of your entire mouth. This lets your dentist see everything in much greater detail, helping to better understand your oral health needs.

Digital x-rays allow us to detect dental problems earlier, which can prevent issues from getting worse.

Are digital x-rays safe?

Digital x-rays produce a level of radiation that is substantially lower than in traditional x-rays. For this reason, digital x-rays are considered completely safe.

How often do you need an x-ray?

Based on the condition of your teeth and your oral health needs, you may need an x-ray every six months, or only yearly, or even every couple of years. Our Vancouver dental team will make the timing recommendation based on what is observed in the initial x-rays.

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