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Dental Crowns

Repair Your Smile with a Dental Crown

Our Vancouver dentists use crowns to fix teeth that are too damaged to be repaired using a standard filling. Covering or capping a badly damaged tooth can help restore its strength, shape and appearance. 

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How a Dental Crown Works

Dental crowns are placed over a damaged tooth restore it to its original shape, size and colour. Crowns help to improve the strength, function and appearance of a broken tooth that might otherwise have been lost.

The Procedure

To begin, the decayed portions of the tooth must be cleaned and removed from the tooth, and a highly accurate scan is made of the prepared tooth's surface.

This scan is used to create a virtual model of the tooth which is then sent to a machine that creates a custom-made crown. The crown is then cemented onto the prepared surface of the tooth.

The Benefits of a Dental Crown

A crown can strengthen a cracked tooth and prevent the damage from becoming more severe. Crowns can also be used to attach a dental bridge, or to cover poorly shaped or discoloured teeth.

Porcelain is an incredibly strong material which provides the crown with the ability to protect and strengthen the remaining tooth structure.

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