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Is dental sedation safe?

Whether you are due for a routine cleaning or oral surgery, visiting the dentist may cause you a great deal of anxiety. Today, our Vancouver dentists share some information about dental sedation, whether it is safe and how it can help make your visit stress-free.

Dental Sedation: What Are The Benefits?

An oral or inhalant anaesthetic reduces patient anxiety before, during, and after dental procedures. Patients with complex medical needs or a strong gag reflex, as well as nervous patients, may benefit from dental sedation.

Without the option of dental sedation, some patients may not visit the dentist as often as they should in order to keep their mouths healthy.

Are there different options for dental sedation?

Oral sedation is a sedative that is taken orally as a liquid or pill. These medications can be taken the night before an appointment to help you sleep and/or one hour before your appointment to help you relax before and during treatment.

Sedation is the administration of an anti-anxiety medication intravenously (IV) during your dental treatment. Despite the name "twilight" or "sleep" dentistry, IV sedation does not put you to sleep. Instead, the sedative allows you to unwind and unwind.

With general anesthesia, you will be asleep for the procedure.

One of the perks of dental sedation is that you will remain awake and aware throughout your appointment, but you will be at ease and relaxed during your visit.

At Cambie Village Dental, we offer oral sedation.

Am I able to use dental sedation during every visit?

The majority of sedated dental patients are secure. Your dentist will examine your medical history and determine whether dental sedation is the best option for you before recommending it.

You will be closely monitored in our office for any negative side effects of the sedation. It is normal to feel drowsy after your appointment, but this will pass as the day progresses.

It is important to set up a friend or family member to help with bringing you to and from your appointment as you should never drive after receiving dental sedation.

If visiting the dentist has become a stressful experience for you then it may be time to consider dental sedation. Contact our Vancouver dentists today to learn more.

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